Guaranteed Bonus Profit

This is probably a first for a Forex Managed Account service. We provide Guaranteed Bonus Profit Every Month to our VIP investors. The amount of bonus profit varies depending on monthly trading volume. VIP investors get 50% rebate for the trading execution from their sub-accounts.

How we can give you this bonus profit? You know almost all brokers offer IB commission or Rebate for every trade execution. So if you would join from our IB link and get managed account service, then every trade execution from your sub-account we get IB commissions. For example, your sub-account deposit is $100k and we trade 100 std lot from your sub-account in a month. Then the brokerage firm would give us about $1000 as our IB commission. And you would get 50% of $1000 i,e. $500 which is worth 0.5% profit of your investment.

Minimum $10,000 investment is required in order to get this exclusive offer.

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