Transparency through Myfxbook Verified Track Record

Myfxbook is the most popular & reliable online automated analytical tool for Forex trading accounts and a social Forex community portal. All of our trading activities, statements are verified by myfxbook. We use myfxbook auto update EA on a VPS server so that our trading performance can be updated live in real time. This is the proof of our transparency. Here is our myfxbook profile link.

FXChoice Master Account #58327

Kingfisher – myfxbook live trading performance


100% annual target
25% to 30% historic drawdown
50% rebate as bonus profit

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Manual BackTest Engineering

kingfisher - manual backtest engineering over GBPJPY

Kingfisher – manual backtest engineering over GBPJPY


1348% total growth
7.7% monthly gain
20.5% max drawdown

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YEAR Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2017 +4.26% +1.01% +6.99% +8.32% +1.03% -7.00% +11.39% +28.37%
2018 +2.63% +2.63%

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