How It Works

When you open account under our recommended brokerage firm (, you will get Managed Account Service into your BackOffice. We have a Master account (#58327) where our trading strategy is running. According to the investor oriented policy we have two types of Managed Account services – Professional & Institutional. Please click here to see below our service comparison table..

As long as you join our Master account (#58327) by accepting LPOA agreement, a Sub-account will be automatically created for you under that Master account. After depositing fund on your Sub-account, the Master account balance will be increased by your balance. The money manager runs his trading strategies and does his money management according to that Master account balance. Trades are executed in Master account(s) are automatically disseminated to the individual Sub-account. The lot size of Sub-account is proportional of the account balance. For example, a Master account has balance $10,000 and a Sub-account has balance $1,000. Now, if a position is opened with 0.1 lot from the Master account, then that Sub-account is opened position as 0.01 lot.

Flow chart: Managed Accounts Working Process

Flow chart: Managed Accounts Working Process

Interval of every 4 weeks the Manager / Investor profit share is executed as follows:
For Professional investor profit share 30% / 70%
For Institutional investor profit share 20% / 80%

***Please note that performance fee is only charged on profitable month and there is no management fee.

There is full freedom for depositing or withdrawing your fund from your account at any time. But we have minimum investment terms. As we strictly maintain our money management policy, the minimum investment terms must be fulfilled. The minimum investment is $1,000 for Professional investors (Std) and $10,000 for Institutional investors (VIP).

***Please note that if your minimum investment is not fulfilled then no trade is opened to your Sub-account.

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